a-lu-miq 'uh-loo-mik' adj. - 'of playing with light'

Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco Wedding Photography and Cinematography

We, the filmmakers of Onyx Cinema, consider the stories behind our alumiq films to be our favorite to tell. The stories of the beginnings of love that, over the years, eventually culminate into the one big day where two people unite with friends and family.

We consider it a distinct honor to be able to be a part of each wedding we film. We take it as a great responsibility that tell that story with a film that will capture the heart of the individuals behind it.

The Team Keeps Growing!


We will be right with you through some of the most important moments of your life. We will be there as it happens and be there with you when you watch your film.


What's your story? What do you love about each other? What inspires you two? This in turn inspires us with how to tell your story.


We may be filmmakers but we are in the business of making friends. Let's meet up and we can chat about everything and nothing!