natasha + pat // wedding highlights

We started our day in Valencia, California to film a traditional Indian-American wedding. As Natasha was getting ready in the morning, she greeted our team with warm smiles. Her glow was simply amazing and made our day that much more enjoyable despite the hot weather. We then went over to Pat’s side to film the groom and his guys. He is by far the most charming and charismatic person we ever met. You can describe him as the George Clooney of the Indian-American society. The whole time, we could not get over how much we wanted to be his friend. He made you feel like you were his best friend, and that was just in the first 10 minutes.

We headed back over to Natasha room and the conversation went something like this:

Anthony (alumiq): I just met Pat in his room
Natasha: Yeah?
A: He’s the guy you’re going to marry?
N: Yup. That’s him.
A: Wow! That guy is SO cool. You got yourself a keeper!
N: HAHAHAHA! Yeah, he is something else! He’s always like that. He makes people feel so welcome and he’s always smiling. He’s just great.
A: I think i’m in love.

Needless to say, these two are something special and you can tell that by the friends and family around them. Indian-American weddings. Love them!