kristy + andre // wedding highlights

Kristy and Andre is by far the cutest couple… ever. High school sweethearts that have grown up together, laugh together, and cook meals together. If there ever was a perfect couple, it would be them.

In our first meeting they taught us how to put love into the food you cook, instead of fearing it, to make it truly delicious. This was a true epiphany for Alumiq director Michael :-), and Kristy and Andre continue to be a source of inspiration for him.

They love to laugh and have a great time just by being around each other and with friends and family. Even as strangers, when we first met, they made us feel like we’ve been friends for a while. We were constantly smiling filming Kristy and Andre on their wedding day, and it was a true pleasure to be the filmmakers behind their wedding.

The Alumiq Team
Director: Michael Shu
Cinematographers: Georgia Yeh and Michael Shu
Editor: Maria Chiu