sonal + ajay // same day edit

What an experience! We were with Sonal and Ajay across three amazing days in their wedding week and were soooo excited to present their same day edit to them. All across Orange County and concluding in a beautiful wedding at the Hyatt Huntington Beach, Sonal and Ajay’s wedding was beaming with happiness, joy, culture and just plain fun!

We could walk you through all the traditions that Sonal and Ajay had for their wedding, but I’ll just let you watch and enjoy the sights and sounds. The friends and family were all having a blast. It was as if all the traditions were an excuse to just have some good old fashion fun.

Teaser – yogurt and yellow paste being mashed on the bride and groom :-). “What is the symbolism of THIS?” Ajay yelps out as an uncle smears yogurt and honey into the back of his trousers. Enough said.

Side Note: Ajay seemed to have a secret stash of headwear and Texan pride props around. We didn’t know where some of the stuff came from :-P

The Alumiq Team
Director: Michael Shu
Cinematographers: Georgia Yeh, Michael Shu, Maria Chiu
Same Day Editor: Marcus Valerio