agnes + thang // wedding highlights

Funny, adventurous, energetic and super sweet. Those are just a couple of the words I would use to describe Agnes and Thang’s relationship and future lives together as husband and wife. I mean, really, just look at their video’s poster frame… that just says it all!

Filming their wedding was simply fun. Thang is a real shutterbug and in fact shot their own engagement photos. He couldn’t resist doing some of his own photography on the day of either. But he knew when to put the camera away and just enjoy his time with Agnes and the whole family.

Marcus and I definitely had a great time filming your wedding and being amongst your friends and family, Agnes and Thang! Thank you so much for having us there!


The Alumiq Team:
Directed by Michael Shu
Cinematography by Michael Shu and Marcus Valerio
Edited by Jon Maxwell