Happy Anniversary!! | Los Verdes Golf Course Indian Wedding | Wedding Feature

Wishing our beautiful couple a very Happy One Year Wedding Anniversary! We had the pleasure of filming their wedding at the Los Verdes Golf Course. Snehali and Neil described their wedding best, “Snehali is the kind of girl that has dreamed about her wedding since she was a little girl. The decor, the flowers, the cake, the clothes. She’s given thought to almost every detail. She wants a modern art deco (Great Gatsby) type look for the reception and an airy modern feel for the wedding. This is why we chose to do an outdoor ceremony. Our garba night is meant to be a night of socializing and dancing with traditional Indian street fare for food. Funnily enough, Neil has dreamed a good deal about his wedding too but in different ways. Neil is obsessed with his baraat from the car he will be riding in on to the music that will be played. He also has grand plans for his and Snehali’s grand entrance at the reception which Snehali has happily relinquished control over. Since we met at a football game and we’ve attended countless other sporting events together, we’ve decided that our entrance have a “Starting Lineups” type feel to it that is sure to hype our guests up.”

As we look back to their wedding day, it seemed only like last month yet so much has happened. Within the last year, we’ve moved into a new studio, seen our dear friends grow within the industry, travelled to new places, collaborated with amazingly down-to-earth and talented industry leaders, and last but not least, seen how our gear review videos take off in such unexpected ways. We’re so grateful to have had so many blessings in the last year. And to think it has been one year since our sweet couple joined their lives, we are once again reminded how precious our time is. We like to celebrate anniversaries because it’s a day for us to show appreciation for our couples, and to reflect upon ourselves.

If you missed their fun concept same day edit film fusion with a live feed (well, that was a mouthful to say), you can enjoy it here.

Coordinator: Mili Shah from Planning Elegance

The Alumiq Team:
Directed by Michael Shu
Cinematography by Georgia Yeh, Colin Pregent, and Michael Shu
Production Assistant Brent Tam
Edited by Marcus Valerio
Color grading and audio Mixing by Michael Shu