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a•lu•miq [uh-loo-mik]

Led by award-winning filmmaker, Michael Shu, Alumiq is made up of the visual storytellers of the commercial production company, Onyx Cinema. Although our team has filmed commercials for Fortune 500 companies, we will always love filming weddings the most. Why? The story of two people uniting in marriage is so true and pure, that they are the most deserving to be told. We have given our full dedication to filming wedding across all cultures, with couples straight out of college to Hollywood directors. It doesn’t matter what you are, it’s about showing WHO you are that counts to us.
The Onyx Cinema studio in Fullerton, CA formed as a place where creative talents come together to create great films to do the stories behind them justice. In the studio, the words “wedding videographer” and “wedding photographer” don’t exist – we are visual storytellers. Same as how you’re not just another bride and groom. We’ve been filming weddings in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County, Hawaii and beyond since 2006. We limit the amount of weddings we film each year to really connect with and focus on telling your story and what makes the two of you special. We love meeting new people and being inspired by their stories. So please come in to our studio and hang out with the crew!


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For bookings and inquiries, please reach us at our sister company, Georgia Yeh Photography!