tina & matt // wedding highlights

Meet Tina and Matt, two wonderful people that were just made for each other, and you can see it in every moment they are in the same room together. Individually, their fun and kind hearted spirits already make you feel right at home with them, but together they are so adorable that one can say it’s almost overwhelming!

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effie & victor // wedding highlights

We’ve shot at the Trump National Golf course before, but this time was definitely very special. Effie and Victor are the friends of Wendy and David, who we had the pleasure of filming for a couple years ago. We can definitely see what a great circle of friends they all come from.

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hazel & michael // same day edit

From the very first time we met Hazel and Michael, we knew they were a fun couple and that their wedding was going to be even more fun. The throughout the entire day that were filming and editing their same day edit, we were smiling. :-)

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esther and alan // maui, hawaii

It has been a great journey with Esther and Alan, across cities and the Pacific Ocean, and we’re happy to call them friends. They’re very love, caring and considerate, not only to each other, but to their friends, family and even new friends like us.

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grace and bernard // same day edit

This was easily one of the most fun wedding’s we’ve ever shot/edited a same day edit for. Not only was it a beautiful location, but also a fun-loving couple who is very much in love as you can tell by their vows. Their vows were completely on the spot.

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puja and arvey // highlights

Filming Puja and Arvey in their journey to tying the knot was an amazing experience. We first got to know them as the sweet and fun loving couple who came to us to make a fun love story for them.

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andrea + ryan // same day edit

Andrea and Ryan had their Same Day Edit (SDE) at the beautiful Adamson House in Malibu on 10-10-10. Joining them were 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen all decked out in off-white and teal attire.

Andrea and Ryan can put smiles on anyone’s face. Even during their vows, they managed to throw in jokes.

We had such a wonderful time being able to shoot next to the beach, work with a great photo team, and Tastea catered drinks. You can’t beat boba at a wedding!

The opening shot is by far one of my most favorite shots we’ve ever filmed. We hope you enjoy this SDE.

Check out their photographs from Kevin Le Vu!

natasha + pat // wedding highlights

We started our day in Valencia, California to film a traditional Indian-American wedding. As Natasha was getting ready in the morning, she greeted our team with warm smiles. Her glow was simply amazing and made our day that much more enjoyable despite the hot weather. We then went over to Pat’s side to film the groom and his guys. He is by far the most charming and charismatic person we ever met. You can describe him as the George Clooney of the Indian-American society. The whole time, we could not get over how much we wanted to be his friend. He made you feel like you were his best friend, and that was just in the first 10 minutes.

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shauna + kevin // wedding highlights

Shauna and Kevin met us at Kasey and Connor’s wedding a while back. After seeing our work, they hired us to shoot their Western Themed wedding. This special wedding was filmed at the Star Ranch in Corona, CA.

Shauna and Kevin are such a beautiful couple that you just fall in love with them. They laugh all the time, poke fun at each other. Even all their friends cried at the wedding. Yes, that is right, tears at a Western wedding. :)

janine + robert // wedding highlights

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