“Investment” goes both ways. We invest the time to truly get to know you to best tell your story – to be filmmakers instead of just cameramen on your important day. Because of this, we limit the amount of weddings we book each year to allow us to focus on giving the best to each and every couple.After all, at the end of the big day, what you’re left with are the photos and films to cherish the moments that have passed.

Our photo collections start at $3500, contact us to see all the lovely photography and album options!

We are proud to specialize in Same Day Edit and Next Day Edit collections starting at $4600. Associate collections also available.

Photo + Cinema Collection with our team starts at $7000.

You can customize every collection to best fit you. Contact us to learn more!



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Same Day Edit and Highlights film?
The Same Day Edit is a 3-5 film edited in time to be enjoyed by you and your guests before your wedding day ends. The highlights is a similarly styled wedding film delivered after the wedding. Both have the alumiq standards in quality and storytelling. The only difference is that the highlights allows us time to include more of the events of the reception.

What are the 'Documentary Edits'?
The “Documentary” edits are your two main live events as separate films. We edit between our camera angles to show you the best view for the moment in time. Imagine a live TV broadcast.

Can we request a song to be used for the film?
Along with getting to know your personalities as a couple, we also learn your musical tastes. From there we choose the song that we feel best tells your story. If a song you requested fits your story, it must be licensable from our sources to be played publicly.

Do you offer longer wedding films?
Yes we do! We offer “Wedding Features” that play like an extended highlights that go more in depth into your story. They typically run about 10-20 minutes long, depending on how it’s best to tell your story. Please consult with us for examples.

What is the In-Studio Interview/Testimonial Session?
Our lives, our personalities and our stories are waaaaaay much more than what happens on a wedding day. In the Interview/Testimonial session, we sit down together and film you talking about your story. Feel free to talk about anything. This will become part of the snapshot of your lives together in this moment in time.

Do you travel?
Yes, we love to travel! We’ve been to Hawaii, Asia, New York, and more! It is best to book us early to ensure our availability for travel days. We will quote a reasonable budget for travel, depending on the location, and take care of the logistics for you!

Do you offer discounts?
Every collection is tightly budgeted to have the best people and equipment available to produce your wedding film and offer all this effort at a reasonable rate. We take creating the best film for you very seriously and do not cut out anything in the back-end that would compromise your film.

We have a long break in the day, can you discount that?
The rule our cinematographers follow is that the most important parts of your story are in between the main events. Putting our cameras down to give a “discount” will only be a disservice to your wedding. We never stop working to create a better film for you.

How long does it take to get my wedding film?
We take the extra effort in editing, re-editing and polishing your film. As we edit our films in the order we film them, it typically takes between 4 and 6 months to start the editing process, depending on our workload.


For bookings and inquiries, please reach us at our sister company, Georgia Yeh Photography!