lisa + melvin

Just when they started dating, Lisa and Melvin were at a restaurant and Lisa had a piece of rice in her hair. Melvin quietly removed it, and Lisa says that’s when she knew that he was the one.

Loving and caring and always putting the other first, Lisa and Melvin were meant to be married from the moment the rice was pulled from Lisa’s hair. We got to experience just how loving and caring they are each time we met them, from the interview session we did with them to the rehearsal. We were both the photography and videography team, and we gave them our all.

The beautiful day at the Serendipity Garden was almost too picture perfect. Vineyards, flowers, archways… and a barn! It was the perfect place for their first look. Their funny and loving vows are featured in their same day edit, as well as their loving words from their interview/testimonial session.

Thank you, Lisa and Melvin, for giving us such a great experience!

The Alumiq Team:
Directed by Michael Shu
Cinematography by Michael Shu and Andrew Ito
Edited by Marcus Valerio
Production Assistant Emily Kung