esther and alan // maui, hawaii

It has been a great journey with Esther and Alan, across cities and the Pacific Ocean, and we’re happy to call them friends. They’re very love, caring and considerate, not only to each other, but to their friends, family and even new friends like us.

Our journey with them started with filming a Love Story/Engagement Film for them, which was more akin to a short film that focused on making the best out of life. During that time, we really bonded with them and saw not only how in love they were, but that they were best friends to each other.

Esther and Alan gave us the honor of flying out the Maui with them to cover their wedding, even sharing the airplane ride with them, with some extra days to explore. We spent the time capturing the beauty of Maui and capturing some time lapses not only on the beaches but also on the top of Haleakala, where it felt like we’re amongst the heavens.

An intimate wedding with their closest friends and family in attendance, we made some new friends along the way and keep up with them over facebook. It is true, you can tell about a couple by the friends and family around them, and there were great people all around us.

Thank you, Esther and Alan, for the great journey across the seas and for letting us into your lives!

Wedding Coordinator | Sandra Merz | Four Seasons Resort, Maui
Photographer | Monique Feil Photography
DJ | Randy “DJ Skinny Guy” Bermudez | Ace Beats