eileena + puneet // wedding highlights

Foodies, candy junkies, travelers-to-be-foodies and just plain cute. That’s just some of the many ways I can describe Eileena and Puneet. Each was their own person, content with being single, but their mutual love of the Technobears candy got them falling for each other (I told you they were candy junkies).

They decided to tie the knot at the Hartley Botanica Gardens. I originally had no idea what this place was (being sort of in the middle of nowhere), but when we arrived there I was blown away. It was perfect for them, a natural surrounding, for them to be their natural selves.

So many great moments from their wedding to share, such little time. My favorite moment? When they see each other dressed for their wedding for the first time. What they said was priceless :-)
Thank you, Eileena and Puneet, for letting us share your special day with you!


The Alumiq Team:
Directed by Michael Shu
Cinematography by Michael Shu and Marcus Valerio
Edited by Marcus Valerio
With the Production Assistance of Brent Tam